Thursday, 3 June 2010

Summer wishlist

I've done it again! I've window shopped online, put things in wishlists, made myself get all depressed about what I would buy if I had the money...

But there is something exciting about it! Making lists and cutting pictures out of magazines, or print screening pages of items of clothing or accessories you lust over. Then as soon as you've clicked save it's forgotten about, and a few weeks later you make a new one, half filled with the things from the previous one.

ANYWAY, here's my 'if-i-had-the-money-let-alone-a-job' Summer Wishlist!

Click through to see a larger version

(Please bear in mind, I'm still trying to work out why it is so small... the next one will be the right size! *Pinkypromise*)

1-6: 7: House of Harlow 8-13: 14+15: Topshop 16-23:



  1. hey!! i love shopnatygal too! and if you check out my blog you will see how much haha .. im having this problem also! i can't figure out why... but when you find out, can you please tell me how you fix it? thanks!

  2. Hey :)
    I love it too! Short on money though :(
    I'll sure let you know, but for now, i'm just doing click throughs... if you click the image it shows it bigger so you can read it doll!