Monday, 28 June 2010

What do I do with that growing pile of magazines?

Christopher Coppers seems to have found something to do with them! I personally think they look amazing. But I wouldn't know what to do with them after that... Would you frame them, or hang them, or make another growing pile simultaneously, and then end up throwing them away?
What would you guys do?


"Only the crumbliest, flakiest

chocolate, tastes like chocolate never tasted before"

This advert, is mind blowing. I literally stopped in my tracks and was mesmerised by how beautiful that dress is.

Cadbury Flake, the iconic British chocolate brand long famed for its Flake Girls enjoying sensual, indulgent moments of pleasure, is launching a new TV campaign, which will air Tuesday 8thJune, 8.30pm on Channel 4. Taking three weeks to create with 200 metres of fabric, the yellow dress becomes an analogy for the beautiful folds of the Flake chocolate itself. As the model spins slowly, the ruffles of her yellow dress swirl around her and delicately envelop her. Created by Fallon and esteemed Director Baillie Walsh, most famous for his stunning cinematic imagery in films such as "Flashbacks of a Fool" with Daniel Craig and the critically acclaimed Oasis documentary, "Lord don't slow me down", the subject of his lens is undoubtedly the sensational dress produced by Couture Designer Anthony Price and donned by ethereal Russian Model Yulia Lobova.
(from PercyGreen17)


Friday, 25 June 2010

The much awaited first day of summer finally arrives

White top: Internaccional, Nude cardigan: Matalan, Denim cutoffs: Vintage Levi 501's, Headscarf: Vintage, Bag: Local boutique, Necklace: Matalan, Watch: Vintage, Sandals: New Look.

I wore this to go to The Essex University on Thursday, as it was forecast; it was a glorious day! FINALLY the sun has got its hat on!

My best friend saw the headscarf, gave me a weird look, and laughed. She thought it was a joke turban. Paha.

Anyway, guys, I have got the AWESOMEST interviews lined up. Some VERY big, well known bloggers have agreed to let me interview them, and I was kind of starstruck when I was emailing them! To keep you on your toes, I probably won't post the next one until Sunday evening, because I need to edit it and do a planned outfit post.

ALSO GUYS I'M SO FLIPPIN' EXCITED. I'm going to the Clothes Show on Sunday with one of my best friends! He went last year, but I didn't, so I have no idea what to expect! I'm thinking of wearing my maxi skirt and sandals at the moment, but that could all change, as could the weather.

Hope your all having a lovely day! :)


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Why I am here

As a warning, this post is going to be all text; I just wanted to put out there the story behind me finding my passion. So if you skip the post, due to the fact there are no images or interviews available, that's fine, but if you continue to read on, I'm endlessly grateful.

Ever since I was a child I was interested in clothes; rummaging in the dressing up box, draping my mothers’ clothes on my tiny frame and prancing about to The Spice Girls with red lipstick on and a huge smile on my face. But I don't really have the best story. I was someone who couldn't be bothered- ever. I gave up swimming and started eating. I didn't get fat, no, but I was what you would call a curvy size 12 at the age of 15. I decided against fashion for myself but still loved styling others, I became best friends with my leggings, joggers and jumpers, and I wore no makeup and did nothing with my hair. I hated myself, and hated showing others what I was. My vice is bread, always has been and always will be, that made me bloated all the time, because I gorged and binged on bread and butter. I grew tired of shopping and getting changed and unchanged, walking around highroads and shopping centres being unable to find a single item of 'fashionable' clothing that fitted and suited me properly. Make no mistake about it, I was better off than others, I wasn't fat, but being stuck in a rut and feeling fat inside can do a lot of damage too. Nothing did fit me and nothing suited me. I had a womanly figure and still do, what high street shop like Topshop caters for a teenager with big bust, a big bum and a tiny waist? If you find one, let me know, I'm still looking. I apologise mum if you read this, but I was a bitch to go shopping with, constantly going on about how fat I was and how nothing ever suited me. Now I know why mum likes to shop alone!
One day, after coming home from school I stopped at the newsagents at the bottom of my road. I bought 'Look' magazine and a Kit Kat chunky, (another vice) and went home. I was reading Look, my weekly bible, when the corner of a page caught my eye. It was about a young American blogger who was taking the blogging scene by storm with her outrageous clothes and highly feminist views. That girl was Tavi.
I googled her blog and spend the rest of the night reading every single entry Tavi ever wrote, from her first post to her most recent. My eyes hurt but I carried on, she was intriguing, something about her sarcasm and wit blew me away. Yes, her sense of style was incredible too, but her writing style and the content in her posts that wasn't full of air, grabbed me by the feet, stood me up, and shook me. Telling me I needed to find out more. I googled her again, this time her full name, and read various articles written about or with her. She was captivating. I felt perverted, adoring an almost teenager. But then I realised it didn't matter about age. She had passion and it inspired me.
A few months later, I stumbled upon Frassy, another blogger. Again I spent the evening pouring over her posts from beginning to end, front to back and side to side, I clicked all the links and visited every site she recommended. She too was captivating.
I pondered and wondered and thought about and slept on it and turned the idea over in my head. I wanted to do it, but I didn't quite know why? I still hadn't worked out what had hit me. It was a pointing finger, pointing directly to me, and I realised. They just didn't care.
They didn't care about what other people thought about them, about what they wore, about what they said and it was addictive. I wanted to have that affect on people.
I signed up to Blogger, created account and got nowhere in six months. But I'm getting there now.
I'm still the person who thinks she's fat, I've come to like my body, I don't love it and I am the first to admit that. There are days when I hate my body, and go back to my old ways and wear my trusty joggers, but now; I try. I don't care anymore, I shop with my best friends and I look at things they don't like, I disagree with them over what’s in fashion. I don't do 'fashion' or 'trends' anymore, I do 'style'. I'm not perfect, no one is, and I'm still learning. I still am a bitch to shop with, because I've yet to find a shop that caters to my shape, but I make things work, I've found shapes and textures I love, fabrics and patterns I hate. I don't doubt my ability to dress well, but I don't feed it, I never criticise others, because they could be struggling with their body like I was. Instead I find something to compliment them on, whether it's their makeup that day, or a ring they're wearing or the bag they've got slung over their shoulder.
I wanted to change my whole self, change how I looked, how I felt literally and mentally, I wanted to get a job and start spending money on clothes I actually liked to wear. I wanted to think about how I could style certain items of clothing not what my next meal would be.
I wondered about how I could improve my blog, I didn't want to be just another number to the increasingly huge amount of fashion bloggers out there, I want to make a difference, get noticed and be fresh! The outfit posts weren't working because I had no camera, no job, and no money for decent clothes. So I decided on interviews, along with outfit posts when I get the time to do them. I interview bloggers who have influenced me and have affected me somehow or maybe just inspire. But I enjoy it and I hope my readers do too!
I shop now, and everything I see, I think of ways to make it work. I enjoy shopping and even though I still may terror over changing and unchanging, I experience it with arms open, head first. I discovered vintage, charity shops and markets, and have found the shapes from then suit me far better than what Topshop or Primark have to offer.
I still love food, there are days I still hate my body and I don't have a job but I'm learning.
I've found my foot in fashion.


Saturday, 19 June 2010


CENSORED: Look away now if you have an empty purse and don't like temptation!

(Everything Topshop)

I should get a ban on online shops. I genuinely get all depressed after online 'window' shopping for things I can't even buy! I need a ban, some parental block or something.

This morning was VERY productive. I stayed with my bestests last night and we were abrubtly woken at 7.30, leaving at 8.30am to go to and set up our Car boot sale! YUM! (NOTICE sarcasm) None of us thought twice about bringing jumpers or coats... because it was a glorious morning. But how that changed! Within an hour I was wearing a BRIGHT blue knitted poncho thing over my outfit, just to keep warm. My dignity literally, happily leaped out of the window in spite of keeping toasty. Chic! It then got worse and I ended up sporting an ankle length camel coloured 'felt' coat over the top of the blue fluffy thing (think; cookie monster style) Attractive.

But, on the brighter side, we're 80 squids up, I scored a gorgeous pocket watch, which was infact, my grandads and mine for the taking anyway, silver cross earrings and cross necklace, 2 first edition Enid Blyton books, a stamp collection and a vintage bag! YAY! I'm sure the bag will be making its debut soon :)

Hope all is well elsewhere!


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Interview 003.

LLYMLRS and I had a lovely breezy email-interview! With me finding out about her hidden 'emo' and 'scene-kid' past and why she hates joggers!

What would you say someone who stereotypes, would say your style is? Stereotypically of course ;)
I don’t know really. Someone said the other day that I had a "Really kooky" sense of style. I wouldn't really say that, but I don't wear vintage or just wear black/white/grey, I don't exactly do studs, big chunky wedges or power dressing, I'm not girly and I'm really not that into designer labels. I'm just a really eclectic mix of everything that I like; I think I just mainly wear what ever catches my eye. Stereotypically speaking though... I’d say I dressed like a hipster 90% of the time. Although I really don't like the idea of labelling myself because I'm probably totally wrong!

haha just stereotypically :) Okay, rather than define one or two style icons, who inspires you style-wise?
I’m mainly inspired by what other people wear, real people on the streets rather than celebs! Especially when I see how people on the street put together outfits. I find going to the big cities such an inspiration because you get such a wide range of different people with different styles. I'm normally inspired by prints and patterns, and the way certain colours look together. That is probably the artist inside me coming out in the way I dress!

Awwh, that's cool. You're into Typography right? Does that influence any part of you're style?
I wouldn't say typography does, but pattern, colour and prints really do. I guess it’s the graphic designer in me that loves all the colour and patterns! I have a real passion for art and I think the way I dress is an extension of that!

So do people on your course dress similarly to you, if not, with the same concepts?
Not at all! I wear clothes so different from the people on my course! Most of them just dress really casually and comfortably where as I would wear whatever took my fancy that morning, anything from a velvet dress to a pair of shoe boots! I always dress the way I do no matter what I'm doing! To the gym I wear leggings and an oversized topshop tee! My friends were shocked I said I would never in a million years wear joggers to uni!

Oh I loathe joggers so much! They stress me out and make me look like a mess!
What is you most treasured item of clothing or accessory in your wardrobe?

I really hate them! To be honest I'd never wear them at home so I don't understand how people can wear them at university, comfort does not equal chic!
It would have to be my leopard print moccasins! They are my all time favourite shoes and I bought them for £2 from Primark. I'm wearing them right now actually even though they are practically coming away from the sole! If I ever saw them in Primark again I'd probably buy 10 more pairs! They are just so comfortable and easy to wear!

Couldn't you get them resoled? Does your taste in music affect your style?
I don't know, It did a lot when I was younger. I used to be a massive emo, with big scene hair and skinny jeans and whatnot. Although I was pretty young so it may have just been because I wanted to be "cool, alternative and different" But it was a bit of a fail looking back!

haha no way! What kind of music do you listen to? Bands, singers, genres?
I listen too all types of music, Id say my favourite bands are The Strokes or Weezer. But I’m also a massive At The Drive in and The Moldy Peaches fan, Then again I love most of the music played in radio 1, I'm always in my car so its always on so I find myself singing along to all the most obscure and poppy songs! I listen to my guilty music pleasures a lot like Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes and Panic at the Disco. They remind me of the old days when I was a little scene kid, But I just love it, my spotify playlist is so embarrassing!

haha, I'm sure it's not that bad! Going back to the past; when you were a 'scene' kid what exactly was your dress code?
Oh gosh! Skinny jeans, too much leopard print and a hoody! I used to have loads of t-shirts from threadless and all those MySpace clothing companies that used to be cool! I used to wear bandannas in my hair and those really obnoxious bows! I used to run my own MySpace jewellery company actually, which I used to rake in about £300 a month with! I used to sell those plastic diamond, knuckle duster and skeleton hand necklaces! My hair was black and blonde, although it was also black and red for ages, it was backcombed so much and I had extensions from the age of about 14 till I was 18! For the first time in my life my hairs actually real!! I had really dark racoon eyes and wore crazy false lashes! I used to wear fake piercings till I actually got real ones (double Madonna, lip, nose x 2, 28mm stretched ears!) I don’t regret any of the scene-ey periods, I look back and laugh really, but when I was younger it was really the cool thing and was the "in" thing!

Do you miss that period or are you happy where you are now?
In a way I suppose I do miss it, not the awful dressing but those days of being 14-15-16 were the best time of my life! No worries about anything! I do prefer the way I dress now, hopefully I won’t look back and think OMG WHAT WAS I WEARING! My mum always says that she looks back and cringes at her teenage photos! I guess it’s inevitable as fashion changes your feeling towards what you used to wear change too!!

haha fair enough! Okay, umm, what would you pair with pink leopard print skinnies a la Ferne Cotton?
Id wear a grey oversized vest, a really chunky cable knit cardigan, A big chunky circle scarf, Raybans and some really nice platformed strappy sandals, Like the ASOS Randals. Maybe even nice brown bag to soften the look a bit, In my dreams it would be a Mulberry Alexa, But I'd settle for a cheaper alternative! I’d also throw on a selection of my favourite rings, and I'd be good to go!

Very nice! :) And finally, what are the five things you're lusting after now?
Right now I would really love a white and black stripy cropped blazer, a lacy white a line dress with 3/4 length sleeves, a forever 21 sideways cross ring, a pair of brown or black gladiator sandals and an Alexander Wang black coco duffle handbag!


Thank you very much Lily, It was an absolute pleasure interviewing you, and maybe one day we could do it again!

Next interview is in the owrks, and I have a few more lined up, so stay tuned guys! I'd love to hear feedback, and constructive critisism, so drop me an email ( or a comment, or even tweet me, I'd love to hear from you lovely lot.

Tarrah chicas and chicos :)


Lemon Chicken

Hello lovelies :)
I'm super sorry about the slow-ish posting, I don't really have an excuse, but maybe the fact I've been wearing nothing of interest has something to do with it! I don't mean leggings and an old Vans tee, because sure enough, I'd blatantly post that; I mean I've been living in pyjamas recently which I'm sure you don't want to see!
I wore this on Wednesday night, when my family and I went out for a Chinese meal for my dads birthday, and as I'm trying my very hardest to be healthy, I had lemon chicken and boiled rice, instead of chow mein and pancakes and peaking duck and all the extras!

I went shopping today with my mama and sister, I got some yummy bits I'll be posting soon, OBVIOUSLY! I invested in more rings YAY and gave in to this gorgeous circular cage thingy necklace, which is ridiculously hard to explain...

Anyway enjoy the World Cup, I bet you're all too busy cooped up on the sofa with your Seasonal England tee on with your family and friends, waiting anxiously for England to score to bother reading my post! haha



Topshop Lookbook

These are my favourites form their newest collections :)

I love the styling especially all the layering! I think layering always works best in the British summer! What with the undecisive weather, you can take off and add layers suiting the warmth, and with light jersey fabrics, that are breezy but almost thermal, layering always works :)


Sunday, 6 June 2010

Interview 002.

Apologies, Lily Melrose from LLYMLRS has been busy with university deadlines, so has been unable to finish the interview as of yet, but I've got a different blogger interview below for you lot!


Second time around the lovely Madeleine from wekilledCOUTURE has let me ask her about her style, fashion inspirations and music!

What would you say your style is in 5 words?
My style in 5 words would be
mildly eccentric, erratic, moody, me.

What is your most treasured item of clothing or accessory in your wardrobe?
Thats such a hard question... probably my SS10 Miu Mius or my Prada fairy bag from SS08

Oh gosh, your Miu Mius are gorgeous! What is your most worn piece in your wardrobe?
Probably this simple denim shift dress I have that I can wear with anything, never fails me if I just need to get dressed and go.

Are there days when you just have to 'get dressed and go'? How long do you spend getting ready?
Sometimes if I have appointments or if im just going out to run errands I just need to throw something on and go, normally it's not that often... I only take about 10minutes to get ready, but it depends on how much time I have, sometimes I can take 5 if I'm rushing!

Wow! That is certainly quick! What does a thrown on outfit consist of? Heels?
Normally it's just the first thing I grab off my floor and whatever shoes I see first that would work. Somehow I pull it together.

What is your view and opinion on vintage?
I love vintage, but I'm less likely to buy vintage if it's not a designer vintage piece. Vintage couture is true love though.

What sort of vintage couture do you own? Are they special pieces?
I only own a vintage yohji yamamoto tuxedo coat at the moment, but I plan on purchasing a vintage couture garment soon, just trying to decide on the right one!

The one from a previous post? Its awesome! Any ideas as to what it will be? A dress?
Yep, I love it.
And yes I have my eyes on a vintage 1950s Christian Dior gown, or an 80's Lanvin, But a Chanel suit wouldn't be far behind!

Lovely! :) Who are your style inspirations? Rather than say your style icons... who inspires you?
Luxirare first and foremost, Anna Dello Russo, Freja Beha Erichson, Karmen Pedaru.. there are so many because my style changes and evolves so much.

I love Freja Beha! If you're listening to certain music/playlists, does it affect your choice of outfit?
Not as much as my surroundings or images I have been looking at that aren't even fashion related. I take inspiration from everything.

Is there anything that you find yourself finding inspiration from time and time again? Like certain images/scenery?
I find a lot of inspiration in winter, the cold; dead trees, Old fashioned photography. But honestly it really depends on my mood at the time. Some things I wouldn't find inspiring one day could be what inspires me the next.

Do your friends dress similarly to you or are they used to your sense of style now?
Haha no they don't dress similarly, I think they like the way I dress but they just wouldn't do it themselves.

Do they ever comment on things that you choose to wear?
I think the thing people comment on most is the leather and the fur. Other than that, normally my close friends are very positive.

:) Thats cool that they support you! How about your parents?
I'm an only child, so our family is very very close. My parents are my best friends in some respects. They are the most supportive people I have in my life. I was raised to believe in hard work, and this means I pay for clothes, shoes... Anything I want but don't need!

You're very lucky to have supportive friends and family! What music do you listen to? Bands/singers/genres...
My music taste is as erratic as my fashhion. I listen to everything from classical to hardcore. Again it depends on my mood. I will go from listening to Bob Dylan to Lady Gaga.

Do you ever want to just chill out in joggers and a baggy top?
Haha I suppose I get my "chill out" time when I'm on my way to yoga, I will wear trackpants and a hoodie over my yoga clothes. But other than that - no... not really. I never wear joggers outside of physical education class and I only wear shirts to bed in summer!

So there's never a time you just can't be bothered!? haha wow!
No, even if we are just going to the produce market, I will always make an effort - To me it doesn't seem like effort though, just something I do. I'm just used to it.

Does your mood ever affect your choice of outfit or purchase? Same with people you're with when you shop?
Oh yes, although I have gotten better at controlling myself when I'm in the mood to spend but don't really want anything... And I prefer to shop alone actually (probably because I do nearly all of it from my computer chair) But my outfits definitely change depending on my mood.

Seen as youre the expert! What online sites would you recommend and for what specifically? Best place for jewellery, clothes, couture, shoes etc?
For designer wear there are no other choices for me than yoox, luisaviaroma and net-a-porter, But if I want designers a bit closer to home I can't go past frockshop. One day I will have to do a huge list because there are so many tiny european online boutiques I have found. Jewelery I would say bonadrag because of their huge collection of pamela love. Vintage Couture without a doubt would be firstdibs and the frocks and shoes would be farfetch or one of the other above.

Finally, what are te 5 things you're lusting after at the moment?
On the back of my mind are those Nina Ricci heel-less shoes... A monkey fur coat, black crocodile Hermes Birkin, a YSL Le Smoking jacket and pantsuit and one of the McQueen (RIP) graphic print dresses.


Thank you Madeleine for answering all my questons! It was a pleasure, and I hope my followers and you followers enjoy reading our interview as much as I enjoyed interviewing you!

Hopefully up next will definately be an interview with LLYMLRS!


Friday, 4 June 2010

Remember Now

A short film by Karl Largerfield

This film made me fall in love with Chanel all over again! The pieces are so versatile and well, my favourite models are featured in it :)


Thursday, 3 June 2010

Green with envy


Jacket: Dad's army parka, Tshirt: Dads, Beads: Primark, Leggings: H&M, Boots: Local boutique.

I've been lazing about all day in this... minus the beads, reading blogs I didn't know existed. It's been quite nice actually! I'm wearing orange lipstick too, and I adore it. Infact it's my new obsession.

I really need to do some more revising for my last exams next week, but scrounging around the internet and drinking tea, listening to new found music, seems so much more appetising!


PS Any questions, head to my formspring
Follow me on twitter to keep up with me day to day

Summer wishlist

I've done it again! I've window shopped online, put things in wishlists, made myself get all depressed about what I would buy if I had the money...

But there is something exciting about it! Making lists and cutting pictures out of magazines, or print screening pages of items of clothing or accessories you lust over. Then as soon as you've clicked save it's forgotten about, and a few weeks later you make a new one, half filled with the things from the previous one.

ANYWAY, here's my 'if-i-had-the-money-let-alone-a-job' Summer Wishlist!

Click through to see a larger version

(Please bear in mind, I'm still trying to work out why it is so small... the next one will be the right size! *Pinkypromise*)

1-6: 7: House of Harlow 8-13: 14+15: Topshop 16-23:


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Interview 001.

I've decided to add some more variation to my posts; I'm doing interviews with fellow bloggers. Purely based on fashion and music with a helping of humour!

First up is Frances at Happybecause.

Hello Frances, How are you? Let's get started... What is your most treasured piece of clothing you own?
My favourite piece is probably a tan, white and black jumper from H&M.... but my most treasured would probably be my Dad's patchwork jeans. He had so many experiences and adventures in them when he was young, and then last season at Fashion Week they seemed to bring me so much luck! Not to mention the fact that my gran and aunt helped make them, my other uncle used to steal them and wear them, my sister wore them a few times... they're a total sartorial family heirloom!

WOW thats some cool family history going on there :) What about your most expensive item of clothing or accessory you own?
Probably a formal dress for an event a few years ago which was around £150. I barely ever buy anything over £50 so that was painful for me!

Okay, what about inspiration? I know people can't define one person as a style icon so people that inspire you...?
Inspirations for me would probably include the Olsens, Miroslava Duma, Margaux Lonnberg. Various musicians like Leigh Lezark, Courtney Love, Julian Casablancas. Men's style too, Justin Brescia, Kurt Cobain (an obvious one but perennial favourite) and Neil Young. I find this question so hard! I always forget to mention someone.

Well if you remember someone later, you can always pop it in :) What specifically do you love about fashion? be in the materialistic point or personality traits.
This is where I get irritatingly wordy. I'll keep it short! I love that fashion is the most essential art, and the most innovative and fast-paced. I love that trends are led (however subtly) by culture, politics, current affairs and media, yet individually fashion is one of the most personal expressions of self possible. Fashion is completely inescapable! Whether they like it or not, every single person you meet is introducing themself sartorially before they can even say a word.

Haha thats okay! Thats an awesome approach! Trousers or skirts? Which do you prefer?
Trousers are more interesting but I'd have to say skirts for me. They're more flattering and easier to find a good fit.

Does music and certain playlists help you define what you want to wear somedays?
Yeah definitely. If I'm trying to dress a bit hippy I'll put some Crosby Stills Nash & Young on, or Shwayze. Or if I'm trying grunge i'll go for Nirvana (natch), if I'm getting ready for a night out I'll go for some weird electro Starsmith remixes, Venetian Snares, or maybe Metric.

What about the sort of music you listen to on a regular basis? Favourite bands and singers and genres?
At the moment I'm listening to Lisa Mitchell's album 'Wonder' on repeat. Maximo Park are always a favourite. Bon Iver, Grateful Dead, Two Door Cinema Club, King Charles, Tegan and Sara, Ryan Adams! So many. People should check out my blog's playlist for some serious brilliant tuuunage.

OKay back to fashion, is vintage and thrifted always better that highstreet? Whats your view on vintage?
I think that 80% of the time vintage/thrift is definitely better. I think too many people are willing to bypass charity shops and go for 'vintage' because it sounds nicer or whatever. The fact is, in charity shops there's no expensive mark-up and you're donating money to a worthwhile cause so the extra rummaging effort is worth it! Sometimes I feel like vintage shops make it all too easy for everyone to find vintage pieces which look as though they came off the high street, and vice versa. When I see the really cool vintage-looking pieces in H&M or wherever, it makes me a bit resentful that I spend my time raking through the Salvation Army!

Where would you recommend to buy vintage, in your home town and any other places of interest?
Erm, charity shops in my home town... me and Audrey love Salvation Army, Scope and British Heart Foundation. Elsewhere go for markets, and music festivals! Last year at Leeds fest I bagged a leather jacket for £5 and a leather backpack for £10. They're awesome.

Music festivals? Woah, thats cool! How do your friends and new people you meet think about the way you dress? Is it different to them at all?
I'm not sure. My friends don't really bat an eye now, I don't feel like I dress super different to them anyway. They do all turn to me when they need to borrow things though! People at school mostly accept that I'm a bit eccentric clothes-wise and might turn up wearing a blanket.
Um, apparently new people I meet can be a bit intimidated (personally I think men just find it scary when they meet a girl who doesn't dress for guys. Blackish-purple lipstick or leather trousers etc can make a strong impression)

Who do you believe you dress for?
Myself, I try to wear what makes me happy and makes me feel good about myself. but at the same time I do try to dress in a way which purveys the impression which I'd like make on my peers/people I meet.

Is there certain places that you wouldn't ever shop?
I hardly ever shop in Topshop. I sometimes go there for shoes or lingerie (only in the sale) but not clothes. Overpriced, overpopular and overrated. They make some great stuff but far too many girls wear it head-to-toe.

I agree, its so samey! Does the mood you're in affect your outfit and purchases? Like impulse buying?
I try to stay away from clothes shopping when I'm in an unstable mood... when I feel upset or angry I go way overboard and buy loads of fashion magazines. Expensive ones. The way I feel about my body when I'm shopping definitely affects what I buy, as does who I'm with.

What do you do when you're upset or angry, clothes wise, how do you dress? The same goes for happy?
Ooh, er that's hard. I quite often wear red lipstick when I'm really happy I think? I think when I feel down I'm more likely to layer a few pieces to kind of wrap myself in, and when i'm happy I'm more likely to flash some skin and just wear denim cutoffs? I get dressed more quickly when I'm happy I think. Oh this is hard! I'm not sure. haha sorry.

haha no thats okay :) Do you ever think about what other people will think about what you're wearing when you go out?
Yeah, it's unavoidable to an extent. Like I said before, I don't really feel that I dress for men and that goes for other people in general. Usually the way I look is a pretty good reflection of how I'm feeling when I go out, it can be like a defense if I'm not feeling very sociable... or stupidly eccentric if maybe I want people to come over and make a comment on it.
PS adding to that... haha
I do also think about where I'll be going/who I'll potentially be seeing when I dress, and kind of adjust myself accordingly.

Are you a confident dresser now? Where you always a confident dresser? Or has that grown along with your wardrobe? :)
I don't think I'm overly confident or overly timid! I have my moments of doubt but then I just roll with it. If you overthink anything you start picking out flaws. I've always had that little bit of confidence in my sense of style because even before I was really sure that I wanted to pursue fashion, people had told me that I dressed well.

Has your style evolved since you began blogging?
Yeah I definitely think it has, I was 16 when I started and I'm nearly 18 now, I think that period of life is one where you change massively. I think my inspirations now are more diverse, and I've learnt to dress in a way which is more myself as I know myself better. My style's still changing now though...

Go on, explain?
I think it's natural for style to evolve with each season and with each period in someone's life. There's no way to have a consistent style throughout your life. A continued aesthetic, maybe, but even the way in which your body changes as you age can affect your style. I mean, at the moment my style is completely different from what I want it to be.

What do you want it to be? Are you stuck in a style rut?
I'm not stuck in a rut, I'm just poor! haha. I want more jewelry, more accessories, a more consistent 70s/90s/grunge aesthetic as that's when I feel most like myself.

I'm exactly the same :( Okay, last question! Whats the 5 things you're lusting after at the moment?
5 thingsss. ok.

1. jewelrys of some sort from
2. a high waisted bikini
3. something with feathers, possibly to tie into my hair
4. a tartan maxi skirt (i've looked everywhere! no luck!)
5. lots of pairs of charity shop men's jeans to make into cutoff shorts


There you have it guys, a lovely girl, with a lovely blog, answering my questions, for a lovely long interview!

Next up Lily at LLYMLRS :)



I have so many words swirling around my head at the moment, but I can't seem to form them into sentences.

Inspiration post, based on beauty.


Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Food for thought

Photos from Tumblr.

Feathers, headresses, dream catchers and pochahontus-style fashion has really been catching my eye recently. I think I may have to invest in some leather string, beads and feathers, and crack out my DIY skills and make myself a red-indian inspired headband!