Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Interview 001.

I've decided to add some more variation to my posts; I'm doing interviews with fellow bloggers. Purely based on fashion and music with a helping of humour!

First up is Frances at Happybecause.

Hello Frances, How are you? Let's get started... What is your most treasured piece of clothing you own?
My favourite piece is probably a tan, white and black jumper from H&M.... but my most treasured would probably be my Dad's patchwork jeans. He had so many experiences and adventures in them when he was young, and then last season at Fashion Week they seemed to bring me so much luck! Not to mention the fact that my gran and aunt helped make them, my other uncle used to steal them and wear them, my sister wore them a few times... they're a total sartorial family heirloom!

WOW thats some cool family history going on there :) What about your most expensive item of clothing or accessory you own?
Probably a formal dress for an event a few years ago which was around £150. I barely ever buy anything over £50 so that was painful for me!

Okay, what about inspiration? I know people can't define one person as a style icon so people that inspire you...?
Inspirations for me would probably include the Olsens, Miroslava Duma, Margaux Lonnberg. Various musicians like Leigh Lezark, Courtney Love, Julian Casablancas. Men's style too, Justin Brescia, Kurt Cobain (an obvious one but perennial favourite) and Neil Young. I find this question so hard! I always forget to mention someone.

Well if you remember someone later, you can always pop it in :) What specifically do you love about fashion? be in the materialistic point or personality traits.
This is where I get irritatingly wordy. I'll keep it short! I love that fashion is the most essential art, and the most innovative and fast-paced. I love that trends are led (however subtly) by culture, politics, current affairs and media, yet individually fashion is one of the most personal expressions of self possible. Fashion is completely inescapable! Whether they like it or not, every single person you meet is introducing themself sartorially before they can even say a word.

Haha thats okay! Thats an awesome approach! Trousers or skirts? Which do you prefer?
Trousers are more interesting but I'd have to say skirts for me. They're more flattering and easier to find a good fit.

Does music and certain playlists help you define what you want to wear somedays?
Yeah definitely. If I'm trying to dress a bit hippy I'll put some Crosby Stills Nash & Young on, or Shwayze. Or if I'm trying grunge i'll go for Nirvana (natch), if I'm getting ready for a night out I'll go for some weird electro Starsmith remixes, Venetian Snares, or maybe Metric.

What about the sort of music you listen to on a regular basis? Favourite bands and singers and genres?
At the moment I'm listening to Lisa Mitchell's album 'Wonder' on repeat. Maximo Park are always a favourite. Bon Iver, Grateful Dead, Two Door Cinema Club, King Charles, Tegan and Sara, Ryan Adams! So many. People should check out my blog's playlist for some serious brilliant tuuunage.

OKay back to fashion, is vintage and thrifted always better that highstreet? Whats your view on vintage?
I think that 80% of the time vintage/thrift is definitely better. I think too many people are willing to bypass charity shops and go for 'vintage' because it sounds nicer or whatever. The fact is, in charity shops there's no expensive mark-up and you're donating money to a worthwhile cause so the extra rummaging effort is worth it! Sometimes I feel like vintage shops make it all too easy for everyone to find vintage pieces which look as though they came off the high street, and vice versa. When I see the really cool vintage-looking pieces in H&M or wherever, it makes me a bit resentful that I spend my time raking through the Salvation Army!

Where would you recommend to buy vintage, in your home town and any other places of interest?
Erm, charity shops in my home town... me and Audrey love Salvation Army, Scope and British Heart Foundation. Elsewhere go for markets, and music festivals! Last year at Leeds fest I bagged a leather jacket for £5 and a leather backpack for £10. They're awesome.

Music festivals? Woah, thats cool! How do your friends and new people you meet think about the way you dress? Is it different to them at all?
I'm not sure. My friends don't really bat an eye now, I don't feel like I dress super different to them anyway. They do all turn to me when they need to borrow things though! People at school mostly accept that I'm a bit eccentric clothes-wise and might turn up wearing a blanket.
Um, apparently new people I meet can be a bit intimidated (personally I think men just find it scary when they meet a girl who doesn't dress for guys. Blackish-purple lipstick or leather trousers etc can make a strong impression)

Who do you believe you dress for?
Myself, I try to wear what makes me happy and makes me feel good about myself. but at the same time I do try to dress in a way which purveys the impression which I'd like make on my peers/people I meet.

Is there certain places that you wouldn't ever shop?
I hardly ever shop in Topshop. I sometimes go there for shoes or lingerie (only in the sale) but not clothes. Overpriced, overpopular and overrated. They make some great stuff but far too many girls wear it head-to-toe.

I agree, its so samey! Does the mood you're in affect your outfit and purchases? Like impulse buying?
I try to stay away from clothes shopping when I'm in an unstable mood... when I feel upset or angry I go way overboard and buy loads of fashion magazines. Expensive ones. The way I feel about my body when I'm shopping definitely affects what I buy, as does who I'm with.

What do you do when you're upset or angry, clothes wise, how do you dress? The same goes for happy?
Ooh, er that's hard. I quite often wear red lipstick when I'm really happy I think? I think when I feel down I'm more likely to layer a few pieces to kind of wrap myself in, and when i'm happy I'm more likely to flash some skin and just wear denim cutoffs? I get dressed more quickly when I'm happy I think. Oh this is hard! I'm not sure. haha sorry.

haha no thats okay :) Do you ever think about what other people will think about what you're wearing when you go out?
Yeah, it's unavoidable to an extent. Like I said before, I don't really feel that I dress for men and that goes for other people in general. Usually the way I look is a pretty good reflection of how I'm feeling when I go out, it can be like a defense if I'm not feeling very sociable... or stupidly eccentric if maybe I want people to come over and make a comment on it.
PS adding to that... haha
I do also think about where I'll be going/who I'll potentially be seeing when I dress, and kind of adjust myself accordingly.

Are you a confident dresser now? Where you always a confident dresser? Or has that grown along with your wardrobe? :)
I don't think I'm overly confident or overly timid! I have my moments of doubt but then I just roll with it. If you overthink anything you start picking out flaws. I've always had that little bit of confidence in my sense of style because even before I was really sure that I wanted to pursue fashion, people had told me that I dressed well.

Has your style evolved since you began blogging?
Yeah I definitely think it has, I was 16 when I started and I'm nearly 18 now, I think that period of life is one where you change massively. I think my inspirations now are more diverse, and I've learnt to dress in a way which is more myself as I know myself better. My style's still changing now though...

Go on, explain?
I think it's natural for style to evolve with each season and with each period in someone's life. There's no way to have a consistent style throughout your life. A continued aesthetic, maybe, but even the way in which your body changes as you age can affect your style. I mean, at the moment my style is completely different from what I want it to be.

What do you want it to be? Are you stuck in a style rut?
I'm not stuck in a rut, I'm just poor! haha. I want more jewelry, more accessories, a more consistent 70s/90s/grunge aesthetic as that's when I feel most like myself.

I'm exactly the same :( Okay, last question! Whats the 5 things you're lusting after at the moment?
5 thingsss. ok.

1. jewelrys of some sort from
2. a high waisted bikini
3. something with feathers, possibly to tie into my hair
4. a tartan maxi skirt (i've looked everywhere! no luck!)
5. lots of pairs of charity shop men's jeans to make into cutoff shorts


There you have it guys, a lovely girl, with a lovely blog, answering my questions, for a lovely long interview!

Next up Lily at LLYMLRS :)



  1. "personally I think men just find it scary when they meet a girl who doesn't dress for guys." - this. to true.

    great interview!

  2. Thank you! I agree too, it's intimating for them

  3. As a member of staff at Topshop, Durham I can personally account for France's presence in there most weekends. nauuuuughty.

  4. great interview, I love her blog and great question too <3

    thanks for posting :)



  5. haha :) Maybe she goes with friends!!?

    Awh thanks doll! I reall appreciate feedback, and comments, it reminds me that there are a few people who actually read my blog, even if its a few, it really keeps me going :)