Saturday, 12 June 2010

Interview 003.

LLYMLRS and I had a lovely breezy email-interview! With me finding out about her hidden 'emo' and 'scene-kid' past and why she hates joggers!

What would you say someone who stereotypes, would say your style is? Stereotypically of course ;)
I don’t know really. Someone said the other day that I had a "Really kooky" sense of style. I wouldn't really say that, but I don't wear vintage or just wear black/white/grey, I don't exactly do studs, big chunky wedges or power dressing, I'm not girly and I'm really not that into designer labels. I'm just a really eclectic mix of everything that I like; I think I just mainly wear what ever catches my eye. Stereotypically speaking though... I’d say I dressed like a hipster 90% of the time. Although I really don't like the idea of labelling myself because I'm probably totally wrong!

haha just stereotypically :) Okay, rather than define one or two style icons, who inspires you style-wise?
I’m mainly inspired by what other people wear, real people on the streets rather than celebs! Especially when I see how people on the street put together outfits. I find going to the big cities such an inspiration because you get such a wide range of different people with different styles. I'm normally inspired by prints and patterns, and the way certain colours look together. That is probably the artist inside me coming out in the way I dress!

Awwh, that's cool. You're into Typography right? Does that influence any part of you're style?
I wouldn't say typography does, but pattern, colour and prints really do. I guess it’s the graphic designer in me that loves all the colour and patterns! I have a real passion for art and I think the way I dress is an extension of that!

So do people on your course dress similarly to you, if not, with the same concepts?
Not at all! I wear clothes so different from the people on my course! Most of them just dress really casually and comfortably where as I would wear whatever took my fancy that morning, anything from a velvet dress to a pair of shoe boots! I always dress the way I do no matter what I'm doing! To the gym I wear leggings and an oversized topshop tee! My friends were shocked I said I would never in a million years wear joggers to uni!

Oh I loathe joggers so much! They stress me out and make me look like a mess!
What is you most treasured item of clothing or accessory in your wardrobe?

I really hate them! To be honest I'd never wear them at home so I don't understand how people can wear them at university, comfort does not equal chic!
It would have to be my leopard print moccasins! They are my all time favourite shoes and I bought them for £2 from Primark. I'm wearing them right now actually even though they are practically coming away from the sole! If I ever saw them in Primark again I'd probably buy 10 more pairs! They are just so comfortable and easy to wear!

Couldn't you get them resoled? Does your taste in music affect your style?
I don't know, It did a lot when I was younger. I used to be a massive emo, with big scene hair and skinny jeans and whatnot. Although I was pretty young so it may have just been because I wanted to be "cool, alternative and different" But it was a bit of a fail looking back!

haha no way! What kind of music do you listen to? Bands, singers, genres?
I listen too all types of music, Id say my favourite bands are The Strokes or Weezer. But I’m also a massive At The Drive in and The Moldy Peaches fan, Then again I love most of the music played in radio 1, I'm always in my car so its always on so I find myself singing along to all the most obscure and poppy songs! I listen to my guilty music pleasures a lot like Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes and Panic at the Disco. They remind me of the old days when I was a little scene kid, But I just love it, my spotify playlist is so embarrassing!

haha, I'm sure it's not that bad! Going back to the past; when you were a 'scene' kid what exactly was your dress code?
Oh gosh! Skinny jeans, too much leopard print and a hoody! I used to have loads of t-shirts from threadless and all those MySpace clothing companies that used to be cool! I used to wear bandannas in my hair and those really obnoxious bows! I used to run my own MySpace jewellery company actually, which I used to rake in about £300 a month with! I used to sell those plastic diamond, knuckle duster and skeleton hand necklaces! My hair was black and blonde, although it was also black and red for ages, it was backcombed so much and I had extensions from the age of about 14 till I was 18! For the first time in my life my hairs actually real!! I had really dark racoon eyes and wore crazy false lashes! I used to wear fake piercings till I actually got real ones (double Madonna, lip, nose x 2, 28mm stretched ears!) I don’t regret any of the scene-ey periods, I look back and laugh really, but when I was younger it was really the cool thing and was the "in" thing!

Do you miss that period or are you happy where you are now?
In a way I suppose I do miss it, not the awful dressing but those days of being 14-15-16 were the best time of my life! No worries about anything! I do prefer the way I dress now, hopefully I won’t look back and think OMG WHAT WAS I WEARING! My mum always says that she looks back and cringes at her teenage photos! I guess it’s inevitable as fashion changes your feeling towards what you used to wear change too!!

haha fair enough! Okay, umm, what would you pair with pink leopard print skinnies a la Ferne Cotton?
Id wear a grey oversized vest, a really chunky cable knit cardigan, A big chunky circle scarf, Raybans and some really nice platformed strappy sandals, Like the ASOS Randals. Maybe even nice brown bag to soften the look a bit, In my dreams it would be a Mulberry Alexa, But I'd settle for a cheaper alternative! I’d also throw on a selection of my favourite rings, and I'd be good to go!

Very nice! :) And finally, what are the five things you're lusting after now?
Right now I would really love a white and black stripy cropped blazer, a lacy white a line dress with 3/4 length sleeves, a forever 21 sideways cross ring, a pair of brown or black gladiator sandals and an Alexander Wang black coco duffle handbag!


Thank you very much Lily, It was an absolute pleasure interviewing you, and maybe one day we could do it again!

Next interview is in the owrks, and I have a few more lined up, so stay tuned guys! I'd love to hear feedback, and constructive critisism, so drop me an email ( or a comment, or even tweet me, I'd love to hear from you lovely lot.

Tarrah chicas and chicos :)