Sunday, 6 June 2010

Interview 002.

Apologies, Lily Melrose from LLYMLRS has been busy with university deadlines, so has been unable to finish the interview as of yet, but I've got a different blogger interview below for you lot!


Second time around the lovely Madeleine from wekilledCOUTURE has let me ask her about her style, fashion inspirations and music!

What would you say your style is in 5 words?
My style in 5 words would be
mildly eccentric, erratic, moody, me.

What is your most treasured item of clothing or accessory in your wardrobe?
Thats such a hard question... probably my SS10 Miu Mius or my Prada fairy bag from SS08

Oh gosh, your Miu Mius are gorgeous! What is your most worn piece in your wardrobe?
Probably this simple denim shift dress I have that I can wear with anything, never fails me if I just need to get dressed and go.

Are there days when you just have to 'get dressed and go'? How long do you spend getting ready?
Sometimes if I have appointments or if im just going out to run errands I just need to throw something on and go, normally it's not that often... I only take about 10minutes to get ready, but it depends on how much time I have, sometimes I can take 5 if I'm rushing!

Wow! That is certainly quick! What does a thrown on outfit consist of? Heels?
Normally it's just the first thing I grab off my floor and whatever shoes I see first that would work. Somehow I pull it together.

What is your view and opinion on vintage?
I love vintage, but I'm less likely to buy vintage if it's not a designer vintage piece. Vintage couture is true love though.

What sort of vintage couture do you own? Are they special pieces?
I only own a vintage yohji yamamoto tuxedo coat at the moment, but I plan on purchasing a vintage couture garment soon, just trying to decide on the right one!

The one from a previous post? Its awesome! Any ideas as to what it will be? A dress?
Yep, I love it.
And yes I have my eyes on a vintage 1950s Christian Dior gown, or an 80's Lanvin, But a Chanel suit wouldn't be far behind!

Lovely! :) Who are your style inspirations? Rather than say your style icons... who inspires you?
Luxirare first and foremost, Anna Dello Russo, Freja Beha Erichson, Karmen Pedaru.. there are so many because my style changes and evolves so much.

I love Freja Beha! If you're listening to certain music/playlists, does it affect your choice of outfit?
Not as much as my surroundings or images I have been looking at that aren't even fashion related. I take inspiration from everything.

Is there anything that you find yourself finding inspiration from time and time again? Like certain images/scenery?
I find a lot of inspiration in winter, the cold; dead trees, Old fashioned photography. But honestly it really depends on my mood at the time. Some things I wouldn't find inspiring one day could be what inspires me the next.

Do your friends dress similarly to you or are they used to your sense of style now?
Haha no they don't dress similarly, I think they like the way I dress but they just wouldn't do it themselves.

Do they ever comment on things that you choose to wear?
I think the thing people comment on most is the leather and the fur. Other than that, normally my close friends are very positive.

:) Thats cool that they support you! How about your parents?
I'm an only child, so our family is very very close. My parents are my best friends in some respects. They are the most supportive people I have in my life. I was raised to believe in hard work, and this means I pay for clothes, shoes... Anything I want but don't need!

You're very lucky to have supportive friends and family! What music do you listen to? Bands/singers/genres...
My music taste is as erratic as my fashhion. I listen to everything from classical to hardcore. Again it depends on my mood. I will go from listening to Bob Dylan to Lady Gaga.

Do you ever want to just chill out in joggers and a baggy top?
Haha I suppose I get my "chill out" time when I'm on my way to yoga, I will wear trackpants and a hoodie over my yoga clothes. But other than that - no... not really. I never wear joggers outside of physical education class and I only wear shirts to bed in summer!

So there's never a time you just can't be bothered!? haha wow!
No, even if we are just going to the produce market, I will always make an effort - To me it doesn't seem like effort though, just something I do. I'm just used to it.

Does your mood ever affect your choice of outfit or purchase? Same with people you're with when you shop?
Oh yes, although I have gotten better at controlling myself when I'm in the mood to spend but don't really want anything... And I prefer to shop alone actually (probably because I do nearly all of it from my computer chair) But my outfits definitely change depending on my mood.

Seen as youre the expert! What online sites would you recommend and for what specifically? Best place for jewellery, clothes, couture, shoes etc?
For designer wear there are no other choices for me than yoox, luisaviaroma and net-a-porter, But if I want designers a bit closer to home I can't go past frockshop. One day I will have to do a huge list because there are so many tiny european online boutiques I have found. Jewelery I would say bonadrag because of their huge collection of pamela love. Vintage Couture without a doubt would be firstdibs and the frocks and shoes would be farfetch or one of the other above.

Finally, what are te 5 things you're lusting after at the moment?
On the back of my mind are those Nina Ricci heel-less shoes... A monkey fur coat, black crocodile Hermes Birkin, a YSL Le Smoking jacket and pantsuit and one of the McQueen (RIP) graphic print dresses.


Thank you Madeleine for answering all my questons! It was a pleasure, and I hope my followers and you followers enjoy reading our interview as much as I enjoyed interviewing you!

Hopefully up next will definately be an interview with LLYMLRS!



  1. Ah these interviews are really good,
    very interesting reads.

  2. Thank you!
    I've got some more lined up, so hopefully it'll become a regular thing!

    Thanks again doll
    and keep reading :)

  3. I'd never heard of Madeline until I read your interview, shall definitely check out her blog!
    Such a wonderful idea to interview lots of different bloggers, very interesting. I love seeing all their diverse perceptions on style and life in general.


  4. Awh thank you! :)
    I really appreciate feedback and constructive critisism, I think thats what you need when you try new things out, and I want t please my followers, bvut I also want to do it in my way :)

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