Saturday, 19 June 2010


CENSORED: Look away now if you have an empty purse and don't like temptation!

(Everything Topshop)

I should get a ban on online shops. I genuinely get all depressed after online 'window' shopping for things I can't even buy! I need a ban, some parental block or something.

This morning was VERY productive. I stayed with my bestests last night and we were abrubtly woken at 7.30, leaving at 8.30am to go to and set up our Car boot sale! YUM! (NOTICE sarcasm) None of us thought twice about bringing jumpers or coats... because it was a glorious morning. But how that changed! Within an hour I was wearing a BRIGHT blue knitted poncho thing over my outfit, just to keep warm. My dignity literally, happily leaped out of the window in spite of keeping toasty. Chic! It then got worse and I ended up sporting an ankle length camel coloured 'felt' coat over the top of the blue fluffy thing (think; cookie monster style) Attractive.

But, on the brighter side, we're 80 squids up, I scored a gorgeous pocket watch, which was infact, my grandads and mine for the taking anyway, silver cross earrings and cross necklace, 2 first edition Enid Blyton books, a stamp collection and a vintage bag! YAY! I'm sure the bag will be making its debut soon :)

Hope all is well elsewhere!


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