Friday, 25 June 2010

The much awaited first day of summer finally arrives

White top: Internaccional, Nude cardigan: Matalan, Denim cutoffs: Vintage Levi 501's, Headscarf: Vintage, Bag: Local boutique, Necklace: Matalan, Watch: Vintage, Sandals: New Look.

I wore this to go to The Essex University on Thursday, as it was forecast; it was a glorious day! FINALLY the sun has got its hat on!

My best friend saw the headscarf, gave me a weird look, and laughed. She thought it was a joke turban. Paha.

Anyway, guys, I have got the AWESOMEST interviews lined up. Some VERY big, well known bloggers have agreed to let me interview them, and I was kind of starstruck when I was emailing them! To keep you on your toes, I probably won't post the next one until Sunday evening, because I need to edit it and do a planned outfit post.

ALSO GUYS I'M SO FLIPPIN' EXCITED. I'm going to the Clothes Show on Sunday with one of my best friends! He went last year, but I didn't, so I have no idea what to expect! I'm thinking of wearing my maxi skirt and sandals at the moment, but that could all change, as could the weather.

Hope your all having a lovely day! :)



  1. absolutly love this outfit! the headband looks gorgeous too lovely! id love to be going to the clothes show! ive never been before!

  2. Thanks Lily! You're soooo lovely! :) Neither have I! I'm quite excited!!
    I'm sure there'll be a post on it coming up :D

  3. Great outfit! I've been to the clothes show which is held at the NEC several times and it was amazing but very very busy. Wish I was going to the London one! Have fun :)


  4. Both outfits are awesome! We are in winter at the moment, but it's more like Autumn in weather in Australia..

    Ps. thank you for sharing your beauty secret with us! We love sea salt spray too but we're going to try and make it ouselves now, thanks to your suggestion =D

    xx .sabo skirt.