Wednesday, 19 May 2010

You'll never get to heaven if you dance like that

Hello lovers :)

I wore this to go to London after class, with my mum to go to meet Nadia about a modelling job she wants me for! I know, me a model! She's really really lovely, and I love her hair, and headscarf! Hopefully it'll be an awesome experience, floating around in swooshy dresses, with a headdress of some sort on and a few hundered balloons, outside in a park! Maybe I'll learn something new; meet some people, get a few contacts!

The most unflattering pictures I think I've ever seen of myself

I did infact wear flats, because I purchased these on the way back home, and I love them! YAY!

Shorts: Vintage Levi 501's, Vest: H&M, Boots: Random boutique, Belt: mothers, Watch: fathers, Ring: Brick Lane, Necklaces: homemade and