Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Eating: Nothingg
Drinking: Tea!
Listening to: Lost in the post- The Wombats, on my AWESOME new playlist
Wearing: Sixth form uniform.
Talking to: Ashton, via text; My best friends boyf.
Lusting after: MIU MIUS, My Zara boots, Gap shoes, Dr Martens... the list goes on
Reading: Apollyon- Tim Lahaye + Jerry B Jenkins
Watching: Nada.
Doing: Blogging, Tumblr, Texting, Music and am about to heat gun my textiles work for tomorrow.

Hello Beautifuls
Hope you are all doing well? let me know via Formspring yeah :)

Today, I had numerous headaches, painstakingly the heat of the heat gun and the coldness of the textiles room, did not aid this.
Our class, the great 7 of us, all being girls, have come to the conclusion, our teacher is pregnant. GREAT. Which means she'll be taking maternity leave throughout our A2 level work. Which is annoying because she did the same to our class through GCSE. We are not happy, at best. STOP shagging.

On a brighter note, my beautiful best friend, who has not yet been informed of this blog, passed her theory driving test this morning! So I'm a proud best friend!

I know, I know, you've probably seen this more than enough times, but I cannot stop lusting after the Miu Miu Spring 2010 RTW collection, it is literally making me drool and feel weak at the knees.

Favourites Excuse the photoporn.

I looooove the prints, the pretty cats and birds turn provocative naked lady, the embellishment, I am literally kissing the feet of the sequin work, and the collars, oh the collars. What I wouldn't give! On the beauty side of things, Miu Miu lets the clothes do the talking with the minimal makeup but makes up for it when it comes to hair, which I ADORE. The plaits are adorable and I want one. But my stupid curly hair, doesn't swing that way. *cries*

PS,,, :)

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