Monday, 24 May 2010

Blinded by the pastiness of Britain

If any of you follow me on twitter, this could get repetitive

Hello lovelies!
Hope you are all well, and if you're from the London area; the sun is doing you some good!

This is a list of things I want to do over the summer, its could be quite boring for you, maybe and hopefully, slightly inspirational. I got the idea from Taffy so THANKS TAFFY!

001. Get my sewing machine out and make a dress or two
002. DIY a zillion things
003. Stud up my Converse
004. Go to loaads of gigs
005. Find a photobooth everytime I go out with a friend, and get a strip
006. Get aPolaroid picture every day... this was before I realised they're expensive
007. Loose weight + get fit
008. Be more adventurous with fashion and style
009. Keep a diary for every day of summer; include drawings + photos
010. Go to the seaside; Brighton + Southend
011. Spend a day in London taking street style photos of random people :)
012. Do a drawing a day to fill up a sketchbook
013. Do a big piece of art on canvas
014. Read a book a week; or the equivilent to 6 books...
015. Have a dinner party with loads of friends
016. Bake cupcakes + homemade pizza with my little sister
017. Do a photography project
018. Get a job...
019. Have a bonfire with fireworks and masks in a field with tons of friends
020. Spend a day on the train stopping at all the stops + take photos
021. Learn to drive
022. Have a BBQ with friendsss
023. Actually learn the guitar
024. Picnic in Hyde park- reading good books + jumping in the Serpentine
025. Sell shizz on eBay
026. Spend time in hidden coffee shops, discussing fashion with fellow bloggers :)
027. Do a hecka lota vintage shopping!
028. Take my sister to the cinema
029. Spend a day watching old movies with my bes fran
030. Start a collection? Ideas...
031. Go camping in a field with friendss
032. Paint every nail a different colour!
033. Work out how to wear and do a turban :)
034. Shred a black tshirt
035. Shred a white tshirt
036. DIY a YSL and a Chanel shirt
037. DIY ripped up jeans
038. Knot and shred a khaki shirt
039. Take a picture of my outfit everday :)
040. Go to Paris for the day
041. Add to this list...
042. Do everything on this list! :D

There you have it! My list of things to do this Summer!

I'm sure I'll read more than six books; I'm going on holiday for 2 weeks, and I read 4 in a week when I travelled to Cyprus!
There's also alot of DIY-ing to be done; if anyone knows any more tricks of the trade or has any other ideas to do on a (rainy) day, let me know!
FINALLY, if anyone has any ideas for a collection, hit me up! and let me know if you collect anything!



  1. I got my sewing machine for christmas and still have not done anything!

  2. Haha awhh I WANT a sewing machine... I've got my mum's one but it doesn't do freehand :(

  3. i love the blog. you just got yourself a new follower! and thanks for this idea im going to do something like this on my blog. oh and please take a peek although it needs a lot of work on it! but i guess thats another resolution for this summer!

  4. I love using the machine, the ones at my school, are awesome, infact so awesome i may have to ebay them and see how much they are! :)

    Yeah sure, i'll have a look! Leave the url on my formspring and i'll check it out, i don't know how to do it from here!!!