Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Whats the difference between the BNP and a bus?

I'm stuffed. Big fat stuffed. I have two lots of projects due on Friday... neither are completed.

1. galibardy As before- already addicted to this site!
2. lookbook Drop me an email or something linking me to yours, i'll add you if you add me ;)
3. ebay SO annoyed it's in $ not pounds... still most beautiful vintage store online!

Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Also, nothing
Listening to: The only exception - Paramore. The most beautiful song ever.
Wearing: Again school unifrom, along with a homemade necklace :)
Lusting after: this ram skull ring from galibardy, clogs, macbook, blood red lipstick, stockings, ombre hair OH ANDDD this Frassy top!
Reading: Apollyon and my Bible :D
Watching: Catching up on Glee this evening.
Doing: Annotating my textiles project, waiting for band rehersal tonight, printing stuff and procrastinating.

This is Mr. Fishy :)
Fishy found in Cyprus, and chain found in my room!

I'm gonna try and do a outfit post soon, but it may be difficult without a camera!

XXX <3

PS. The bus has seats...

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