Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A summer project?

Hey guys :)

I'm officially back and unpacked from Turkey! I've missed you lot terribly, even though I had scheduled posts, I had a million and one ideas floating around my head for posts influenced by Turkish culture and things. I'm very excited to get working on them and share them with you!

Turkey is such a beautiful country, the scenery is incredible, the food is delicious and the people are so friendly and relaxed, not mentioning they're very tolerant for a Muslim country! I was situated in a place called Ichmeler, a small village in a bay, the locals call it The Old Village, or mimi- Marmaris. We were surrounded by beautiful mountains and greenery, the sea was ridiculously blue, compared to the dull grey of the British coast!

I met some really lovely people, most of whom were men, the women stayed out of view a lot of the time, at home, waiting for their husbands to come home from working the Summer seasons. My family and I, went to Turkey with a bad idea about it, and we were pleasently suprised that, in fact, the men are not lecherous and rude, but very welcoming and friendly!

The difference between British culture and Turkish culture is quite dramatic, when we go to restaurants, we may be guaranteed good food and great presentation, but the waitors just rush around trying to do everything perfectly, whereas the Turkish places may not look incredible, but the food is just as great and the customer service is out of this world! When do we ever experience the waitors asking your name, where you come from and how long you're here? Let alone pulling up a chair and having a genuine conversation with you about things that include our culture, education and what we have planned! I left Turkey feeling as though I made friends, even though I spoke to no one around the pool or on the beach apart from the staff! I even came away with names and email addresses, for facebook!

Yes, that is a mudbath... and it stank like rotten eggs

- Anyway, now that I'm back, tanned and have shared with you some of our antics over the past two weeks, I wanted to tell you I've come back with a clear head and lots of ideas. I have a few projects planned for me, and some for you.

My first has only just come about, I saw this image on somebody elses blog, (I can't remember which one for the life of me!) and was instantly inspired by it.

Then I saw this Topshop A/W one, whilst browsing the interwebz, and thought it must be fate!

So my plan is to venture out into the cold (compared to highs of 45degrees, this is Winter) and purchase some black chiffon, and make a floaty maxi dress! Hopefully I can do this before next Wednesday, when I go away again, and then I can get right onto making it when I come back.

Like in the first image, I'd team it with a black body or slip underneath to save my dignity, add some gold chains and my Topshop wedges and I'll be on my way :)

Hope you are all well!



  1. Hi dear!!
    I have just discover your blog! :) and i like it very much... so I'm following right now :)
    If you want, you can visit my blog too and if you you like it you can follow it !! ^^

    kisses from spain!!

  2. Thank you very much lovely!
    I saw your comment on my look on Chictopia and recognised you as soon as you added me :)
    I will have a look doll, but I'm super busy right now, planning posts and getting ready to go out. Promise I'll look though.

  3. I'm going to turkey on holiday this year :)
    andddd i spot twiggy on your photo sidebar, i love her!