Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Hey guys, long time no see! :)

- I've been finding it really difficult to find time and space to take outfit pictures. Excuses such as the fact I don't have a decent camera, and the family one is far to complicated and foreign to understand. I'm thinking of investing in a DSLR but finances at the moment are being spent on driving lessons, a car and insurance. So that's really out of the question. There's nowhere around I'd like to use as 'photo space'; apart from outside, which I personally don't particularly like. I'd like a plain white wall, with good natural lighting surrounding it. Which we don't have. But to be completely honest, I can't be bothered, my outfits aren't that interesting, and they're starting to look a bit dated. Due to the fact I have no money, I haven't been shopping in a while.

- I dyed my hair again! Actually I dyed it twice in three days. The box was blonde, but on the side, it showed it would come out light brown on my natural hair colour. I had to re-dye it a bit lighter afterwards because it only showed up on my roots, not my whole head. It still looks lighter on top, but not as bad as before. I'm going to re-dye it before I go back to school, because by then my roots would have come through.

-As I mentioned before, I'm buying a car! WOO! Kinda excited, I had my first lesson yesterday and it went really well. I know buying a car might seem unimportant at the moment, but because I'm trying to pass in as little lessons possible, I need to practice A LOT, so what better way than to buy a car?! Seen as it's too expensive to get insured on my mums car I may as well get my own. I've done a few trips to view cars, majority of, have been a pile of crap. Bar one, it was beautiful! A Ford Ka, luxe version, low mileage not a bump in sight. Then some stupid bidder outbid me on eBay. So now, I'm not allowed to buy a car on eBay, only autotrader. I'm viewing a Silver Ka later today and a Burgundy one tomorrow, so fingers crossed I'll have car by the end of the week!

- I've always has Polyvore, but I forgot about it, and didn't really know how to use it, but today I decided I'd work it out. So I downloaded the clipper thing, so I can upload photos of things from sites that might not register on the site. I also worked out how to put text on it and actually publish it rather than save it as a draft. I used it to create two sets of things I'm lusting after for A/W this year. There's lots of shearling, leather, suede, luxe fabrics, buckles and studs and earthy tones. All in all, I'm quite happy with the outcome, and I'm really starting to LOVE those Suede chunky heels from River Island and the Acorn necklace from asos!

a/w wants
A/W wants

Anyway, enough of what I can't afford!
I'm going to promise you I'll put more effort in with outfit posts and interviews. I have a few lined up, so that's a head start.



  1. I really struggle with places to take outfit shots too. I'm in the process of buying my own house and, ridiculously, one of the reasons that makes me happy is because I'll have a white wall to take photos against! I'm ludicrous.

  2. Great blog! I like it. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?


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  4. All of those shearling booties are adorable!