Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I'm about to give this link to one of my close friends. I didn't really know what to think, he asked, and so I thought why not?
So, HEY ASHTON, this post is dedicated to you! :)

Chanel Couture Spring 2010
Its all about pastel colours and white shades, sort of sherbet colours, that I could literally eat, the shimmery-glittery tights, which I HAVE to get my hands on, the ruffles and chiffon and silk, and the signature Chanel; The tailoring. The jackets.

*I want this dress, please buy it for me...? Ashton?*

omnomnom embelishment

OH and check the big hair! Man, we're all going Gaga for a certain lady!

Finally, I leave you with; the masculine look:

<3 Ciao

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