Friday, 1 January 2010

Instant overnight transformation

Since last night at 5 o'clock when i started this Fashion Blog, i cannot get the incredibility of Fashion out of my head. I just want to live in it. I have already decided i'm going Charity Shop shopping soon and am tomorrow venturing into the mobbing of Lakeside with mother and sister. I have my eye on a few things; an adorable jumper from H&M, and a pair of boot/shoe things from Primark, which i am still undecisive about getting. I don't really like Primark anymore.

Here is a few things that i'd love to spend money i don't have on;
Oasis Cobweb tights

Oasis Faux Fur Coat

Oasis Power shoulder top (You can see i've raided Oasis online)

Oasis Gold Watch

Anna Lou of London Bangle

Topshop Platforms

ALSO, i'd just like to add, i've seen Pixie Lott with some really yummy bracelets and i was wondering if any of you folks new where i could get my paws on one maybe two?

Tarrah :)
PS May post again later with my outfit, but i don't really feel like getting dressed today.

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