Saturday, 17 April 2010

Don't we all have a girl crush?

"From my findings"- Man I've always wanted to say that... well okay, after ALOT of research I have finally discovered and chosen my favourite model!

The Gap-toothed, nipple pierced beauty, who loves the pain of needles and has a secret tattoo on the inside of her lip, that was infact a needle and ink job, has done it for me.

Now, she's caused alot of talk, about her sexuality and her 'on-off' or 'are they/aren't they' friendship with fellow model; Freja Beha.

You've probably already guessed :)

Abbey Lee Kershaw stuns me every spread or edit or shoot she does.

Excuse the spam, but I really, super duper couldn't decide what photos were my favourite. They are all unworthy of our ooglings!

And finally, as I bit you goodbye, I'm going to leave you with my absolute favourite candid/backstage photo of 'our Abbey' :)

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